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The records I have are only from when he joined HMS King Alfred 1942 as a sub lt rnvr. He was Cox'n of the "Lord Hailsham torpedoed by E-boats in the channel, and luckily was one of the survivors, and returned to trawling after the war. This certificate is mentioned by number on the copy of his recently obtained RNR service record, but his rating of Second Hand (2HD) definately doesn't reflect this. The users email address is: Date: Comments Dear Forbes My father served on the Armed Trawler "Waffwater" on or about 1939-41. I have also found some information that Romola was also the name of a Royal Navy Fisheries Protection Patrol Boat that operated off northern Norway in the early 1950s with the designation M-449. His name is John Preston, Gunner during the Siege of Narvik. My father Peter Blackstock was aboard ML1227 when she was sunk off Piraeus, Greece on 5th oct,1944. My trade is called nesop, which in long term stands for Naval Electronic Sensor Operator.

It seems the vessel was built in 1925 and commissioned in 1939, although I'm not certain if the vessel was christened Pelton. A/S sunk by torpedo 01/12/42. His name was James(jimmy) Broome and he came from Manchester. I would love to chat with Captain Ron Miller. I am still trying to find out what happened to the 5 month old baby girl that was rescued from a lifeboat. He was killed along with 5 other crew aboard HMS Volunteer in April 1941,when his ship was rammed by HMS Newark 80 miles off the coast of Ireland in the western approaches. Your web site is fantastic, well done! Kind regards Andrew Reid The users email address is: Date: Comments Dear Forbes I am a fisherman and I live in Hull your page is very good.

The following HM Trawlers: Cypress (T09) Birch (T93) Mastiff (T10) Sir Geraint (T240) Coverley (T106) Portsdown (T221) Ensay (T216) Bream (T306) Blackbird (ex-Sheppey) (T292) Ailsa Craig (T377) MMS 8, MMS 181, MMS 217, MMS 1017, MMS 1044 byms 21, byms 58, byms 2029, I was. Alan Holbrook Los Angeles, CA Date: 08/09/01 Comments Dear Forbes Forbes, I have at last had a few hours free to look through your site. The users email address is: Date: 1/8/2002 Comments Dear Forbes As a serving Chief Petty Officer (Communications)RNR, I found this a very interesting site. The users email address is: Date: 1/21/2002 Comments Hi Mr Wilson My father served in Minesweepers (Trawlers) during the war. Also is there a Roll of Honour available for the Kingston Beryl as Malcolm is interested in the ship as a whole and not just the ship his Uncle died.


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The users email address is: Date: Comments Dear Forbes A wonderful website. My uncle Matt Jefferson died as a result of the sinking of HMT Thuringia during the evacuation of Dunkirk. Anyway, if you can help I would be most grateful, Regards, Tom ONeil Duxbury,. Have you visited the u-boat net? I had an uncle Able Seaman W Cargill Lost aboard her and I am curious to know if you have any record of her demise. I have visited thye Crows nest.

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My father was on gravid sex russejenter porn the Lord Austin when she sank on June 24 1944 in the Seine Bay Normandy, after being struck by mine. I have searched several sites but they have yielded only a few paragraphs of information. Is there a similar site for WW1? His name is Jim Mackie and was a leading seaman and served in the rnps from 1939-43 and also from 1944-Dec 45 The users email address is: adsspm @ Date: Comments Dear Forbes A very well presented and informative site. Researching my uncle william alexander grainger who was killed in action aged 23 on 1/11/40 whilst serving with RN Patrol Service on HM Trawler Tilbury Ness in Thames Estuary. Nevertheless I am determined to search my memory and try and leave something for my descendents to appreciate the extraordinary story and exploits of the very distinguished service record of HMS nubian Edward Mogey ( junior ) The users email address is: Date: Comments Dear.