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Charla heads to bed and Amy again! Melanie then picks Keith because, "I'm trying to eliminate Tara or Charla." Nice poker face, girl! Amy confers with Melanie and considers taking Beau and Keith just so she can leave Keith in the corner having a miserable time. Jury: Gleager, Teresa, Susan, Nicoline, Rasmus, Thomas H og Levi. In her room, Amy says now that people have come back and told them what's going on, she's going to change the way things are done. Then she tells Desiree she's happy Dave didn't pick her because now she doesn't have to lie to his face that she likes him.

In private, Tara thinks maybe Amy doesn't like her because Zack said Tara was one of the "coolest chicks" and "really hot." A flashback shows us Zack effusing over Tara and Amy discreetly yelling "Okay, you're done!" at them across the bar on Tara's first. Vinder, jacob Garder Bryde Hansen, solrød Strand, ep 1,. He's trusted Desiree the most and thinks the single this week will have some kind of power, so he wants her to have. Amy, it has been said that Tara thinks you are jealous of her. Tara, the week Beau was evicted you said you were happy. What is your defense? Pandora's Pot Stirring starts. Paradise: Haider 4, miss Paradise: Nicoline 5, hotellets entertainer: Thomas, titelmelodi: Anna David - Chill og, amalie Bruun - If You Give.

In a typical understatement, Amy chimes in, "The way I see it, it's good versus evil." No word on whether Saruman and his army of Orcs are on Amy's or Charla's side. It seems that the person who opened the envelope will be rewarded with a sunset cruise with two opposite sex guests of their choosing. Holly, is it true that you got a little jealous that Scott was spending more time with Melanie when the old guests first arrived? Please don't drink and dive! At the same time, Amy says she won't play the game and stoop to their level. In a shocking move, she takes the classy route and instead chooses Tom and Beau, while Scott picks Holly and wonders if he should pick Desiree or Melanie. To back up Charla, we see clips of Zack with Charla, Melanie, Toni, Kristin, Amanda and Kavita. Especially with both of them in the room right now.


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