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Create Post r/discordapp Rules. Prior to such decisions, the Bank will consider a broad set of factors and actions as set out in the guidelines. Notice as of November 23, 2003: The operator of the domain discord. The ircOptions object is passed directly to irc-upd ( available options ). Discord.org, you are connected from IPv4 address. The Norwegian Finance Initiative is one possible channel for supporting such research.

Webhooks, webhooks lets you override nicknames and avatars, so messages coming from IRC can appear as regular Discord messages: To enable webhooks, follow part 1 of this guide to create and retrieve a webhook URL for a specific channel, then enable it in discord-irc's config. Publicly stated positions may underpin engagement with individual companies. February 10, 2012: dmarc records published. Sender Policy Framework (SPF) and, caller ID for E-Mail. Org email addresses) to any other party for the purposes of initiating, or enabling others to initiate, electronic mail messages. Private real estate investments shall be managed in a responsible and environmentally sustainable manner. Json discordIRC(config Configuration, first you need to create a Discord bot user, which you can do by following the instructions here. The Bank will express its principles in ways that facilitate wider market impact. Ownership activity will be an integrated part of company interaction.

Further information can be found in the installation section of irc-upd. Json or by cloning the repository: In the repository folder: npm install npm run build npm start - -config /path/to/config. Json if it's in the same directory as the one you're starting the bot from. "discord "discord_nick1 "discord_nick2" / Ignore specified Discord nicks and do not send their messages to IRC., / List of webhooks per channel "webhooks discord "m/api/webhooks/id/token". November 12, 2010: Microsoft Caller ID for E-Mail records deleted. As a minority shareholder in listed companies, ownership activities will be conducted according to priorities that take into account factors such as market, sector and company characteristics, the significance of the investment, ownership share and rank, and whether ownership activities are likely to be effective. Observation AND exclusion, norges Bank will decide on observation and exclusion of companies from the portfolio. Example configuration / Bot 1 (minimal configuration "nickname "test2 "server "irc. Norges Bank will support good corporate governance by directing its efforts primarily at the board and its chair.


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The bot will produce a warning when started if the IRC library is unable to convert between encodings. July 22, 2004: This domain now enforces SPF information on incoming email. Testbot.org "discordToken "botwantsin123 "channelMapping other-discord new-irc-channel", / Bot 2 (advanced options "nickname "test "server "ttest. Js version 6 or newer, as it depends on discord. Risk issues may be identified, analysed, monitored, and strategically considered for ownership activity, continued risk monitoring or activity directed at market standard setters. Purpose AND objective, the principles for responsible investment management in dating i trondheim pule fitte Norges Bank are laid down in accordance with Section 2 of the management mandate for the Government Pension Fund Global which outlines requirements to the Banks work with responsible investment. Org "discordToken "botwantsin123 "autoSendCommands / Commands that will be sent on connect "privmsg "NickServ "identify password "mode "test "x "auth "test "password", "channelMapping / Maps each Discord-channel to an IRC-channel, used to direct messages to the correct place discord irc channel-password / Add channel keys.

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Tone damli rumpa eskorte fredrikstad January 6, 2011: Domain Keys for Internet Mail records tone puppeglipp nsurert norges hoved discord published (including adsp records). The Bank will report on its voting activities and may choose to publish vote decisions and rationales prior to meetings.
Gratis date escorte i oslo It can also be used as a module: import discordIRC from tone puppeglipp nsurert norges hoved discord 'discord-irc import config from './config. Last ned dokumentet (PDF - kun tilgjengelig på engelsk). The risk assessments will include consideration of risk factors associated with countries, industries, companies or selected themes.
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The Bank will, as a starting point and where appropriate, base its practices on internationally recognised standards such as the UN Global Compact, the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights, the oecd Principles of Corporate Governance, and the oecd Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises. This will include regular assessments of externalities that may indirectly influence the long-term value of the funds investments. Official Support Or Outages. Org will not give, sell, or otherwise transfer addresses which it maintains (including all discord. Norges Bank will contribute to academic research within the area of responsible investment management in order to increase knowledge and understanding of the relationship between responsible investment management and the long-term sustainability of the funds portfolio. ESLint is used to make sure this is followed correctly, which can be run with: npm run lint). Observation and exclusion of individual companies or product groups are regulated by separate guidelines set by the Ministry. Norges Bank manages a diversified global portfolio with a long investment horizon and will take into consideration significant negative external effects arising from the activities of companies. Mars 2015, fastsatt av Norges Banks hovedstyre.

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